Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tea Tree Cleansing Pads Review

I used to use face wipes every other night to take of my make up but so many people have told me how bad they are for your skin but I just found them really easy to use. So I found these cleansing pads as an alternative from superdrug for £3, for 40 pads which I think is really good value. I use them every night and use it to get of any make-up left on and you can use it on your eyes to get of light make up but I tend to use an eye make up remover too. 

I also use tea tree oil for blemishes and find it works really well and have always come back to using tea tree products over any other products with lots of chemicals. They also have peppermint oils in and they smell really nice, very strong of tea tree though so if you don't like the smell of tea tree you probably won't like these. They wipes also stay really moist and don't dry out because they have a screw on lid and are in a plastic pot instead of most wipes which dry out because they don't stay sealed. 

There are paraben free which makes it a lot better for your skin. I think these are best for teenage girls or anyone who is prone to acne or has oily to combination skin as if you have dry skin they may dry your skin out even more. I really want to try more from the superdrug own range because I have used several products from them and haven't had an issue with any of them. 


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