Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Body Shop All in One Blusher Review

Today I decided to review a new blusher I have recently bought, which you may have seen
in my Body Shop Haul, it is the All in One Blusher in Flushed. I hold my hands up and say
I am addicted to this product and I feel as if I 'need' more shades!

These blushers normal RRP is £8.00, however I got it on offer for £4.00 which is an absolute
bargain and I would pay full price for them. They are incredibly pigmented products that
last fairly well on your skin depending on your skin type, I have oily to combination skin so
they don't last as long on me, but if you have dry skin I am sure they would last a lot longer.
The product isn't to powdery so doesn't streak which I like and easily be blended out to a
very natural blush.

The shade I got was flushed is I think one of the brightest shades and had a bit of gold glitter
in which I love around the festive season, however I can see how this may annoy some people.
The shade is just a perfect bright pink which is very red based colour so looks amazing on pale
people's skin tone. The shade looks so natural like when your cheek's are rosy from the cold
which looks amazing as you can actually control the blush.

I like how the packaging is so small and compacts as you get 4g of product which is about
average but you get a lot smaller packaging which is really handy if you travel a lot. The
packaging feels incredibly strong and not likely to snap or keep opening. It also has a clear
lid so you can see the colour which is very useful.

Over all I love this blusher and think they are amazing quality, very similar to sleek but
they feel a bit nice and more expensive.

Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you try this blusher, what you think of it?



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