Friday, 30 May 2014

May Beauty Favourites

I haven't done a beauty favourites in so long and it's actually taken me quiet a while to think of the products I have been loving this month and not just products I'm loving at the moment, I was just going t do a current beauty favourites, but I thought I would get back into a routine of doing monthly favourites as it was getting towards the end of the month.

Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Puree (£8.00)
I bought this just before Christmas as you may know from the haul I did and to be honest I kind of just chucked it to the back of my collection and recently as I have been trying to use products up and then I found this one so started using it and I loved it. Its a really moisturising and is more of a gel texture which means it sinks in super quick but still gives the soft feeling a body butter does, so this is perfect to put on in the morning, as we all know how hard it is to get skinny jeans onto moisturised legs! From reading a few blogs recently I have realised how important moisturising is due to the shower gel basically stripping all the moisture from your body so you want to put it straight back in, also in the summer it will help your tan last longer!

Tesemmé Smooth Memory Spray (£4.99)
I actually bought this a while ago and had mistaken it for a heat defence spray, but I'm glad I did as this is such a nice product and also contains argan oil which is super good for your hair. It comes in a big bottle so you get a lot for your money and I spray it into my hair while its damp and just spray it evenly a few squirts on each side, each spray is also really dispersed so doesn't just target one bit. It leaves my hair feeling so smooth and sleek and has definatley made a big difference into how my hair is and this could be a new staple product in my hair care routine, let me know if you want to see my current hair care routine.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balms (£5.99)
To be honest these have been favourites for a while but I have been loving them this week and I couldn't not include them, these are Rimmels take on a chubby stick and I love them they come in so many different colours and look so good on your lips. I currently have them in four colours Keep Mauving, Driving Me Nude, Make Me Blush and On Fire, there are 8 more in the range and I defiantly want the rest of them! I love how they are much more wearable for everyday and don't dry out your lips like other lipsticks can especially the red, on fire. Drive me nude is my favourite and were it almost everyday at the moment! But like the collection concealer the writing always rubs off so I always have to look up the names before I write about them .

(Left to Right- Keep Mauving, Make Me Blush, On Fire and Driving Me Nude)

Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner (£2.99)
I have recently re discovered this eye liner as I always have a felt tip liner in my everyday makeup and I have had the avon one but its almost dried up so went back to this one and I am so glad I did. First of all its so cheap and is so easy to apply, so gives the blackest line almost looking a bit like a gel eyeliner. The tip is also very fine and has a bit of a bend to it so you can create a perfect flick with it, yes I can almost do a flick with this which is pretty un believable for me. It also doesn't dry up as I bought this ages ago and it's still going strong.

Sleek Face Form Palate (£9.99)
I know I've had this for quiet a while now and have been using it for ages but this month I have really got back into doing a stronger countor and also using this blush, which I hadn't normally been doing. If you don't know about this its a trio including a highlight, blusher and bronzer and is amazing, its also perfect for traveling as its so slim and also comes with a mirror, result! I have been using my real techniques blush brush to apply this and it works so well for all three as its slightly tappered at the top perfect for getting into your cheek bones and to apply blusher and highlighter.

Topshop Nail Polish in AWOL (£5.00)
I bought this a while ago and I am obsessed with this colour and I can't wait to wear it through out the summer, I love how bright blue it is and I have never seen a nail polish like this before, which is why I wanted to buy it. I also love the packaging of the topshop nail polishes and they are really good quality and don't tend to chip too quickly on me.

Real Techniques Powder Brush (£8.55) RRP £10.99
I purchased this at the beginning of the month from Amazon, as all real techniques brushes are cheaper from there, and I have been loving using it to apply my powder as it is just so big so gets the job done so much quicker than my old brush. Its also very fluffy so doesn't apply too much product at once which can often happen with powders. I am in love with real techniques blushes and may be on my way to getting the whole collection, I'm probably like half way there, I was thinking about doing a post on them let me know what you think? Sorry it looks a bit weird I just washed them and realised I then needed to take a picture of this one!

These have been my favourites for May let me know what your are and look out for my random favourites on Monday. Thanks for reading.


Monday, 26 May 2014

Superdrug Haul

I was running out on a few beauty bits but didn't really want to go into town to get them and then I would also end up buying way more than I needed so I looked online and it was like free delivery over £5.00 which I thought was a great deal and also bought a lot of things on offer and make up is on 3 for 2 at the moment so couldn't resist a few bits.

Batiste Floral Dry Shampoo (£2.99)
I always buy a dry shampoo when they're on offer as I use it all the time and batiste is by far the best one and they do some great scents and think I have pretty much tried all of them! This one is definatley a very girly scent which I like but I can imagine some people may think this scent is a bit to floral for them, but for me I don't really mind.

Superdrug Vitamin E Body Cream (£2.99)
My body lotion is running out and I saw this one and I am obsessed with the hot cloth cleanser from this range so thought I would try a few other things, it was also on buy one get one half price. I was also amazed at how big the pot was you get 375ml, compared to the normal 200ml, which I think is amazing and will then hopefully last a long time. Some people say the vitamin e range from superdrug smells like sun cream but I haven't found that and this certainly doesn't!

Superdrug Vitamin E Body Scrub (£2.99)
My body scrub had recently tun out and I had also planned to buy some fake tan so I then needed a body scrub and I saw this one was on offer as I mentioned before so thought I would try it out. I have used it once and so far so good but I think I'll try it a couple more times before I give my final opinion on it.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Prickly Pear and Mango (£3.99)
I already have a few of these nail polishes and at the moment they are definatley my favourites and last time I bought them I got the more wintery colours as it was in winter, so I thought I would pick up a couple of the more summery shades. Lilac is one of my favourite colours to wear in the summer and the orange is something new for me to try as its a colour I wouldn't normally go for.

 MUA Eyeshadow Palette Undress Me Too (£4.00)
I already have the undressed palate and have had my eye on this for ages, but every time I went into my local superdrug it was always sold out and when the make up was on 3 for 2 and saw they had this palate in stock so I had to buy it. I am so glad I did though as some of the colours are gorgeous, I was thinking abut doing a blog post on it but I don't know whether I'm too late!

Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash (£2.99)
I bought this as my face wash before this was one from garnier but the smell was really chemical-y, which I didn't like because putting too many 'chemicals' on your skin can be really bad for it, so I saw this one was n offer and I love clean & clear so I picked this one up. It is also an exfoliating one, so its two steps in one for me as I always used to forget to exfoliate.

Dove Summer Glow Lotion Normal to Dark (£4.99)
Due to the sunny weather we've been having in the UK at the moment I thought I'd better get a gradual tanner in case I wear a skirt and this was also on offer for half price so it was a bargain. I've had numerous bottles of this and at the end of last summer it ran out and haven't needed it until know, I got it in normal to dark as I find this one works the best and the quickest on me. 

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Intensive Mask (£3.99)
I normally always have a hair mask on the go but I haven't had one recently as the last one I used made no difference to my hair so I was kind of put of them, but I thought I would go for a completely different brand and try out this ones, as I've used herbal essences hair masks before and  loved them so I'm sure this one will be great. 

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Leave In Intensive Cream (£3.99)
My tresemme leavein conditioner was also about to run out so I needed a new one as I find they make a really difference in my hair and makes it look much more sleek and conditioned. I thought I might as well get the same hair mask because they may work better together.

I also got two free tester sent ghost perfume and garnier ultimate blends sleek perfecter oil, which I'm looking forward to trying.

This was everything I got from superdrug this time, let me know what your favourite product from superdrug is at the moment. I have just ordered a big New Look order which should be here tomorrow and will probably be up the end of next week as I have my favourites to post next! Thank you for reading I hope you liked it, there's some great deals on in superdrug at the moment so definatley check them out.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Makeup Collection: Lipsticks

This is going to be the start of a long series here on my blog which will take you through my current make up collection, before I start I don't have much make up compared to some people but I have a lot more than some other people, however all of this make up has been bought with my own money and is just something I love to spend my money on. I though I'd start with lipsticks but let me know what you want me to do next blushers, foundations etc.? I have also been condensing my make up collection recently so I only have products I actually like and use. Also if you'd like me to review any of these products individually let me know and I'll get to it! These are in no particular order..

MUA Lip Boom in Bring It (£3.00)

MUA Lipstick in Bare 14 (£1.00)

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 003 (£5.49)

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 016 (£5.49)

FAMOUS Lipstick in Coral Reef Shade 4 (Discontinued)

NYC Lipstick in Modern Love 437 (£1.99)

NYC Lipstick in Blue Rose 405 (£1.99)

No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Chic 4 (£9.75)

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson (£1.99)

Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart 090 (£7.99)

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya 027 (£7.99)

Topshop Lipstick in Beguiled (£8.00)

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Intense Magnetic Corl (£8.19)

(This is actually a lot redder in real life but for some reason it looks pink?!)

Thanks for reading let me know what your favourite lipstick is?


Monday, 12 May 2014

Stained Glass Jars

Last Sunday I felt inspired to reorganise my room for some reason and moved around a few bits of furniture and also thought about making some more storage pots and I looked online and I found so many, so I just decided to get some old jam jars and some glass paint which you can pick up from arts and crafts shop and got painting. I just painted them all one colour but you can be more adventurous, I'm just rubbish at art! So this is how I did it...

What you'll need-
Empty jam jars or just glass jars , if you don't have any you can buy them here
Paint brush (I used an old make up brush)
Newspaper or something to cover your surface
Glass Paints, whatever colour you desire- I used marabu one's which we've had for years
A pot to put your water, I improvised and used an old body scrub pot

First of all you want to cover the surface you are going to be working on with newspaper and get a pot of water and everything out, take the lids of the jam jars.

Then just hold your jam jar in the easiest way for you I put my hand inside it and then do a very light covering of your chosen colour all over the jam jar. Then leave to dry down on a piece of newspaper, they don' take very long to dry if you only do a light coat.

Once it has dried you can then either leave it and start to use it or do a second coat to create a more opaque colour, for one of mine I did one coat and for the others I did two.

Once they have dried you can then use them, I use mine to put my make up brushes in, bobby pins, cotton wool pads and nail polish at the moment but you can use them for whatever you want!

Thank you for reading this I hope it was useful and my instructions did make sense!