Friday, 2 May 2014

Random April Favourites


1) Gossip Girl
I am currently re watching all of these as I recently bought the box set from amazon and I think it is one of my favourite TV series' of all time along with friends. If you haven't watched these you need to every girl should watch them!

2)Made In Chelsea
Its back on TV and I am addicted to it I love it so much and find it so interesting to see how people in Chelsea live and I love all the new story lines they have going. I definatley prefer it to The Only Way is Essex, I find they show a wider variety of parts of their lives in Made In Chelsea.


1) Now That's What I Call Running
I only recently bought this for itunes for £9.99 and it has around 60 songs on I think and they are all big hits from this year and last year, with a few oldies chucked in. I think it is such excellent value as buying all the songs individually would cost over £60!

2) Sunshine On Leith Soundtrack
I saw the film of this back in February and I loved it all the songs were really catchy and I love the storyline. So I decided to buy the soundtrack and I have been listening to it on repeat constantly and I would definatley recommend seeing the film!


1)Let It Go by Idina Menzel
I am completely addicted to this song along with the rest of the world, I haven't actually seen the film yet, but I really want to and its on my next to see list.I love the version where Idina Menzel sings it as I've always loved her voice since glee.

2)Coming Home by Kaiser Chiefs 
I really like how this song is different to all the other songs currently in the charts and also from a band who have had several big hits in the past and have come back stronger.

3)Make My Heart Fly by Kevin Guthrie, Freya Mavor, Antonia Thomas & George MacKay
This is one of my favourite songs from Sunshine On Leith and have probably listened to it the most and I love their Scottish accents as they sing!


Sparkling Water-
 I have currently been obsessed with sparkling water and instead of my normal diet coke when I go out I've been going for the healthier option. I am currently trying to drink 2-3 litres of water a day and this helps me get there, since I've started drinking more water I've definatley seen a difference in my skin. I've been drinking a bottle a day of the essential waitrose carbonated neutral mineral water.

Snack a Jacks- 
I love the little packs of snack a jacks they are the perfect snack and a healthier option thanks crisps to take to school with me or just have as a snack. The flavours I have are; salt and vinegar, sour cream and chive, caramel and sweet chilli.

Apps & Games-

1) Wii Fit-
I have currently been going on the wii fit for about an hour a day and have been mainly doing the yoga, muscle workouts and aerobic excersizes to help tone my body for the summer and just as a bit of excersize. I love how there's such a variety in different excersizes and you can see how well you do and try to beat your last score.

2) My Fitness Pal-
This is an app which allows you to count your calories and all the different nutrients as well as taking into account what excersize you have done. Recently I have been forgetting to use it but I will definatley start using it again as I'm back at school and have more of a routine.

Yankee Candles-

Pink Dragon Fruit and Bahama Breeze I'm rubbish at explaining scents so I'll just link you to the website where they'll do a much better job than me. 


I have recently found Hannah through watching Zoella's videos, she makes such good quality videos and has a baby who is very cute, I love the vlogs she does of her whole week and she's always doing something different and the short clips all put together are really effective.

Poppy is a beauty youtuber who creates a variety of different tutorials and some videos which are just full of great advice and knowledge. She also has a really sweet personality and makes an effort to reply to all of her comments.

I really love the variety of videos she uploads, including daily vlogs, look books, hauls and get ready with me's, again she has really high quality videos which you can tell she has put a lot of time and effort into making.

Thanks for reading, let me know any of your random favourite's this month!


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