Friday, 9 May 2014

Review- Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle

I was give this book for Christmas along with a few other John Green books and I didn't realise that Let It Snow was written by 3 authors until I was given it. I think I started reading it on Christmas night and I was hooked as soon as I was into the first chapter and then I couldn't put it down. It's based around Christmas time and three romance stories that each link in with each other from one event, so I thought I better read it quick before Christmas is over.

The Blurb- 

The worst blizzard for fifty years three wintry love stories one magical night.

It's Christmas Eve and Gracetown has been buried by snow. But the weather is the more than just an inconvenience. When one girl unexpectedly steps off a stranded train, she sets off a series of life-changing events.

Soon fourteen pumped-up cheerleader will descend on the local Waffle House, the Duke's DVD night will be rudely interrupted for a Twister mission, and a lovesick barista will determine the fate of a single teacup pig...

As the three stories collide, stranger cross paths and romance blossoms with heart-warming consequences. 

Instead of me trying to explain it and end up giving to much away I thought I would just type up the blurb for you. This is definatley a book to read on a cold wintry night curled up in duvet with a hot chocolate and you will be stuck there all night as the stories just get you hooked. The booked is written in three parts each part written by a different author, but you probably couldn't tell the difference they all have such similar writing style, which has made me want to read more books by Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. 

Each third of the book ends with such a good ending I'm always disappointed when I turn over the page and there isn't any more to the story. The way the authors have written each persons story it makes you really connect with the characters and make you think like you actually know them. The way the stories have been written it makes you feel so many different emotions through out the book from sympathy towards them and annoyance for the way they are acting.

My favorite story is probably the first one Jubilee which is written by Maureen Johnson, but it is a hard decision to decide between the three of them as they are just all so good. And as they are American authors it did take me a while to work out some things which are different in England, but that didn't put me of at all as I've read mostly Americans authors books. 

I would really recommend this book to anyone a fan of a love story, but a pretty realistic one and if you have read any of John Green's books this one is the same style to the rest of the books. I really hope these three authors will do more together in the future.


P.S Just found this post and hadn't posted, whoops, so hence why I'm talking about Christmas

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