Monday, 23 June 2014

Film Review: The Fault In Our Stars

I have been waiting for this film to come out ever since I read the book, as the book was so amazing I was kind of apprehensive as to whether the film could meet the standards set, but I think they have. Like most film adapted books they missed out a few parts of the book, which I would have liked to have seen but I understand they can't fit everything in. 

I loved the starting of the film as it had a voice over by Hazel which was something not many films do but it was really effective way to have the watcher captured from the start and I didn't expect them to do it. Instantly you meet Hazel and her parents and I think they are exactly how I imagined them to be from the book. I think the way they introduced each main character was really effective as they came in one at a time, giving the watcher a clearer view of who they are. 

Even though it is probably the saddest film I've ever watched, had me crying from the end of Amsterdam, they also have some great humour in their through out the whole film even towards the very end when most people around you are crying! They also had some new modern 'film' features which I really liked, having text messages and e-mails come up on screen. A few reviews I had read before going to see it said the film was just trying to make people cry and I completely disagree with that!

Many people are confused about why this book was so hyped up but I don't think you can judge it before you've read it or watched the movie. I think it really capture cancer it a more positive light and also shows how its not just black and white, they have also managed to keep everything so accurate as to how cancer actually is. 

One of my favourite parts of the film is the support group, mainly because they have real cancer patiences in it, which I think is an incredible idea and made it seem so much more realistic, than just a room full of actors. Another favourite scene of mine is in Amsterdam when they are having dinner in the restaurant I just think they filmed it really well and it show Gus and Hazel's relationship change. Over all my favourite scene has to be when they are on the plane on the way there!

Over all this film is amazing and I recommend this for teenage girls mostly but I think anyone could watch it and enjoy it, but make sure you do take tissues as you'll need them. Definatley is my favourite film I have watched so far this year, now I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. If you've been to see it let me know what you think? Thanks for reading.


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