Monday, 16 June 2014

Real Techniques Brush Collection

This is pretty much my makeup brush collection as apart from a couple of random brushes I only use real techniques brushes, as I just find they have everything I need they're really reasonably priced and so much easier to get than any other brush brand I know of. They are synthetic which I don't mind and they are super easy to clean and and dry pretty quickly too. The way I am going to tell you about them all is I'm going to go through each one individually and tell you what I use it for and how much it is and if its from a set etc.

Powder Brush £10.99-
This is one of my more recent purchases but one of my favourites, for me I find this perfect to apply my powder with as it's so fluffy and big it just always the application to be a lot quicker and easier in the morning. It also applies the powder really lightly as it doesn't pick up too much product each time so therefore doesn't cake once its on your face. This one is a bit of a pain to wash as its so big, but you can't have everything.

Blush Brush £9.99-
This one was the first brush I think I bought from there and  used to use it for everything, even powder now it just seems tiny, but it has a slightly tapered tip so find this perfect to apply bronzer with as it can really get into your cheek bones. This also works really well to apply blusher with as it stops you from getting to much product on so super useful if you want to wear a darker blusher.

Expert Face Brush £9.99-
Again another more recent purchase and I use this one to apply my foundation and concealer with, I normally swap this one each day with the buffing brush as they are both pretty similar, except this one has  slightly shorter bristles so is a bit more denser. Which makes it really good to apple cream blushers or bronzers.

Buffing Brush (from Core Collection) £20.99 for 4-
I use this alternately with the expert face brush for my foundation, I find this one a bit easier to blend with as the bristles are slightly less dense giving you a bit more movement with the brush, so if I need to blend out my bronzer or I have a line around my face I'll use this as it works so well. 

Pointed Foundation Brush (from Core Collection) £20.99 for 4-
I use this sometimes for my concealer, especially under my eyes as it kind of fits perfectly in the under eye area and with a kind of patting/blending motion it works really well with my under eye concealer to cover up any dark circles

Brow Brush (from Starter Kit) £20.99 for 5-
This one I use everyday with my eyebrow shadow just to fill in a bit and this works really well to get the natural effect I like for my eyebrows, it also has a really pointy tip allowing you to be more precise.

Deluxe Crease Brush (from Starter Kit) £20.99 for 5-
I find this way to chunky to use for eye shadow as I feel it can get really messy and you can't get the precision you may need, but this works really well for concealer especially with the collection lasting perfection concealer they cover any blemishes so well.

Contour Brush (from Core Collection) £20.99 for 4-
I don't use this as often only every if I am going out and what to really contour my face precisely, sometimes I'll use it to highlight or to add any extra powder under my eyes or on any where I have used concealer.

Base Shadow Brush (from Starter Kit) £20.99 for 5-
This one I absolutely love using for eyeshadow and could kind of do with another one as for my eyelids it just fits perfectly and gets the right amount of product on the brush it also is really good for blending or getting right into the crease.

Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush, Accent Brush and Detailer Brush(from Core Collection and Starter Kit) £20.99 in sets-
I put these three together as I didn't have much to say about them as I rarely use them, sometimes I may use them to get a more precise concealer or if I use an eyeshadow as an eyeliner, but apart from that they kind of just live with the others not doing much.

Hope liked this what's your favourite real techniques brush and what ones should I get next? Thanks for reading.


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