Monday, 21 July 2014

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder Review

I recently bought this as my Rimmel Stay Matte was running out and after going through several of them I thought I would try something new, even though I've regretted it in the past this time I didn't. I saw this was only £3.99 and thought that sounded good value and had heard some good reviews of it so I thought I would try it out myself.  My skin is combination to oily so I need a powder that keeps the shine at bay but doesn't stick to any dry patches I may have and I've found this really works for me.

The powder promises 16 hr shine control which may be true if you have normal skin but for me powders only every last a few hours, this one lasts me til probably around 1/2pm after applying it at 7am and being at school all day, so it does pretty well. It also says to have a soft matte finish which I completely agree with it leaves me with a really smooth base to apply cheek products that can then glide on. 

The shade range it pretty limited but with powders you don't often need to have the exact colour as I have it in ivory porcelain which I think is the palest but comes out pretty translucent, as my skin is getting more tanned I do find I need to use a bronzer to warm up my skin. The product is also in a nice matte black packaging with a mirror and a sponge so is really useful to put in your bag or to take travelling.

The powder is also very finely milled so it doesn't cake on your skin which is great, even if you apply it with a sponge it still looks fairly natural on your skin, however if you do just want to wear this and concealer you probably could build up the coverage if you tried. 

Thanks for reading, let me know if you've tried this and what you think of it, I still can't decide whether I prefer this or my Rimmel Stay Matte, tough choice! 


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