Monday, 29 June 2015

Garnier Micellar Water Normal vs. Pure Active

A while age I was in superdrug and was looking to re purchase the Garnier Micellar Water and saw they had bought out a new Pure Active one aimed for people with combination to oily skin,which is me, so I was very excited to see this. I was then curious as to what was actually different about the two, so thought I would write a post all about it!

First of all the packaging has one clear difference the original has the Bioderma copy of a clear bottle with a pink lid, where as the Pure Active has a blue translucent bottle and a white lid, a general theme to their Pure Active range. They both claim to do similar things 'Removes Make-Up, Cleanses', the Pure Active also 'Purifies' where as the original 'Soothes', so for me that would suggest the original is more gentle, however whichever I use my skin feels the same cleaness after each.

There is only one ingredient difference, the Pure Active has Alcohol Denat, where as the original doesn't, if you want details on this ingredient you can read this article I found here. I am no skin expert but what I gathered from reading this is that its the product that reduces some of the oil on your skin by drying it out. However, I have had no problem at all with this product so it may only have a small concentration, although if you have dry skin this may be an issue.

The feel of the product is very similar on the skin and they both remove make up very well and to be honest I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference if they weren't in the bottles. Saying that I still do feel like the Pure Active range is definatley worth getting if you have oily to combination skin as it may just help reducing oil that extra bit. It is also still very gentle on the skin and I don't have particularly sensitive skin but can't see why it would irritate you skin.

Thanks for reading this I hope you enjoyed it, let me know which you prefer!


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