Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tanya Burr: Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You

I have decided that from now on I am going to try and post a nail polish post every Wednesday, as I am addicted to nail polish and now I've finished school I can wear it everyday! To kick it off I've got one from the Tanya Burr collection which RRP is £5.99, however you can get them for £1.50 from Fragrance Direct, a bargain! I definitely had room in my collection for this colour its just a basic bright pink which weirdly I didn't have one so bright before,which is very unlike me. I like the fact you could wear this nail polish all year round and can add a pop of colour to your look. The formula is very nice not to thick or thin with two coats it's opaque, you'd probably be able to get away with one if you're in a rush, it also lasts a few days as I expect for most nail polishes, after 3-4 day if begins to chip around the edge, however by this point I'm normally bored of the colour and wanting another anyway. It also comes in a big bottle of 12ml so good value and the packaging is very cute, the brush is also fairly wide making it easier to apply. 


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