Monday, 17 August 2015

Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette Review

I was in Superdrug the other day with my friend and we were looking around and came across the makeup revolution stand which my friend had not seen before so we than spent about another half an hour swatching and I picked up this palette as I really want the Naked Basics palette but didn't want to splash out then not like it. In the palette you get 12 eye shadows for £4, what a bargain!

This palette comes with 4 beige colours which all have slightly different undertones and all incredibly pigmented, I like the fact you get 4 similar colours as they will all suit different people and can change a look too. These are really nice colours to use as a base or by themselves to even out the skin tone. They also aren't powdery like I find the MUA eye shadows to be they almost feel creamy and very smooth which I love. 

You then get a mauve colour which I really love and is similar to nooner in Naked 3 palette, so can be used to create a subtle daytime smoky eye. You then have 3 brown shades which are good eyebrow colours for a wide range of people, however I find the darker shades can be a bit streaky so you need to blend them a lot but then you can create a really nice look. I really like using these to create a very natural look along with the beige shades.

The last 4 shades are more grey toned apart from the purple/pink but still is more grey toned, I really like these matte shades as you don't often see colours like this so its good to see. I feel like these colours would be good to use in the evening for a night look as you can create a darker matte smokey eye.

Overall, I am really impressed with these matte eye shadows they have a good colour pay off, last a long time with a good primer and are super cheap, the only downside of them is they are a bit streaky which is expected with cheap matte eye shadows but they are workable.

Let me know if you've tried this product and what you think, thanks for reading!


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