Monday, 22 April 2013

Soap and Glory Righteous Body Butter Review

I have decided to start writing a review a week as I really enjoy reviewing products as you can go into more detail. I am going to try and review as many soap and glory products as I can as I love them so much.So I decided to review this body butter that I have had for quiet a while and love it so much that I save it for special occasions as it is £ 10 which is quiet pricey for a drugstore body butter but it is definatley worth it.

I love the scent it is the typical soap and glory scent that lingers on your body until the next time you have a shower. It is really nice to apply in the summer if your wearing a dress as then you won't need to wear a perfume. I especially like wearing it after I have shaved my legs as it leaves them very dry and this adds all of the moisture back into it instantly. It is super thick so you have to  apply it in the evening or when you can just relax and don't need to get dressed straight away. 

I find it very similar to the hand food which I used to use but now I use a different one or just the body butter as there's not much point having both. I normally use this after I have washed with the body wash and used one of the scrubs from soap and glory to really get the most out of the gorgeous scent and to really pamper myself.


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