Monday, 21 April 2014

Empties #6

As I haven't blogged in a while and I've still been keeping most of my I do have quite a few so thought I would split it into a couple of posts and just keep my second one for when I need something to post! Recently I have been trying to use up my old products and have been doing very well with it so far, some of the bath products were quite old so have just thrown them away once I used them up as I don't they are available any more.

Batisite Original Dry Shampoo- £4.99(but is always on offer)
I don't think I need to say much about this dry shampoo as it's in pretty much all my empties, but I like this one as it doesn't have a strong or over powering scent like many of them do. The big bottles also last a lot longer than the smaller ones, I already have a back up of this but in the blush scent as I felt like a change and this one isn't to sweet.

Boots Skin Clear Treatment Wash- £3.99
I haven't used this in a while but from what I can remember it was okay I haven't ever re purchased my morning face wash but I always normally go for the same kind of one, which unclogs pores, reduces oil and blemishes. And to be honest I think they all do very similar things and I haven't found one that is any special I just tend to pick whatever is on offer. I would repurchase this if I happened to be looking for one while its on offer but I wouldn't rush down to boots to buy it.

Maybelline Volum' Express the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara- £7.99
I love maybelline mascara's I think they definatley produce some of the best from the drugstore and this one doesn't disappoint, I found this as I was clearing out my make up and realised it had dried up and I was so annoyed as it was such a good mascara. I really extended my lashes and fanned them out a lot, but not clumping like most mascara's do. I will definatley repurchase this next time its on offer or I need a new mascara.

Simple Eye Make-up Remover- £3.25
This is by far the best eye make up remover I have tried it is so gentle on your eyes and just takes of every little bit of eye make-up. If I needed a new eye make-up remover I would repurchase it however at the moment I prefer to use micellar (or however you spell it!) waters as you can use them on your whole face and do the same job as this. 

Tresemmé Superior Hold Hairspray- £5.25
So this hairspray lasted me ages as I only every use a bit at a time and this one has such a good hold and is in a massive bottle so really good value. I think tresemmé do the best hairsprays my favourite is the one in the white bottle, however that has such a strong hold it isn't the best for everyday use. I would definatley repurchase this hairspray if it was on offer again, as I just love tresmmé hairsprays. 

Garnier Gel Cream Peach Moisturiser- £4.99
I really love the idea of a gel moisturiser as it sinks in so much quicker but keeps me much more moisturised its really handy to use if your just about to go out but your skin is really dry as it leaves your skin so soft but sinks in almost instantly. The bottle is also massive so last forever and if you cut products open you get so much more product out than you would instead of struggling to squeeze it out. I would definatley re purchase this and would love to find more gel moisturiser, they also have a grape scent which I'd love to try.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub- £8.00
This is hands down one of the best scrubs I have ever used, it smells absolutely amazing a bit like lime cola bottles, if they even exist?! But the scrub is also really chunky brown sugar which I love and you can really work it into your skin and is super thick so doesn't just disappear into a gooey mess on your skin. The ingredients are smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains which sound delicious. I desperately need to re purchase this next time I'm in boots and the rest of the sugar crush line!

Nail Polish Remove Acetone Formula by Superdrug- £1.09
I never really pay much attention to what nail polish remover I pick up but the last time I repurchased it I got an acetone free formula and have noticed it really does make a difference to my nails, I don't know whether it is the nail polish remover or my nails have just got stronger. But it's still better anyway, so I wouldn't repurchase an acetone formula now.

James Brown Photo Fabulous High Shine Finishing Spray- Unavailable
I got this a few years ago for my birthday along with a few other products from this range, however I wasn't a massive fan of the scent of the products at first however it has grown on me. The point of this product is to be a light hold adding just enough shine and for me I didn't find it really made much of a difference on my hair as my hair is already quite moisturised and smooth, but on someone with drier hair this may be prefect for you! 

Sure Compressed Aloe Vera Sensitive Deodorant- £2.10
Sure deodorants are definatley my favourite they work really well and come in a variety of different scents and types to fit everyone. This one was a really nice gentle deodorant and the scent wasn't to over powering which I like as some brands can be really overly perfumed. I also like how they are compressed so smaller so easy to throw in your bag or to travel but you still get more deodorant than those tiny bottle, they are also really good for the environment.

Thanks for reading this and hope it helped any of you thinking of buying any of the products I have used up! One quick question would you guys be interested to see which of my wax tarts I have finished and what I thought of the scent?


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