Monday, 12 May 2014

Stained Glass Jars

Last Sunday I felt inspired to reorganise my room for some reason and moved around a few bits of furniture and also thought about making some more storage pots and I looked online and I found so many, so I just decided to get some old jam jars and some glass paint which you can pick up from arts and crafts shop and got painting. I just painted them all one colour but you can be more adventurous, I'm just rubbish at art! So this is how I did it...

What you'll need-
Empty jam jars or just glass jars , if you don't have any you can buy them here
Paint brush (I used an old make up brush)
Newspaper or something to cover your surface
Glass Paints, whatever colour you desire- I used marabu one's which we've had for years
A pot to put your water, I improvised and used an old body scrub pot

First of all you want to cover the surface you are going to be working on with newspaper and get a pot of water and everything out, take the lids of the jam jars.

Then just hold your jam jar in the easiest way for you I put my hand inside it and then do a very light covering of your chosen colour all over the jam jar. Then leave to dry down on a piece of newspaper, they don' take very long to dry if you only do a light coat.

Once it has dried you can then either leave it and start to use it or do a second coat to create a more opaque colour, for one of mine I did one coat and for the others I did two.

Once they have dried you can then use them, I use mine to put my make up brushes in, bobby pins, cotton wool pads and nail polish at the moment but you can use them for whatever you want!

Thank you for reading this I hope it was useful and my instructions did make sense!


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