Monday, 5 May 2014

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts Haul/Collection

For my birthday I got a wax tart burner and I was super excited and over the past couple of week I've gone a bit crazy with buying wax tarts and now have over 30 which may seem a bit excessive, but I'm totally addicted to buying them, I will link every scent to the online Yankee site on Amazon they also do sets of 10 for £10.25 and you get a complete mix I got the food & spice one and the fruit mix one and you get a really nice variety and it encourages me to try scents I wouldn't normally pick out, those set are available here and you can get my tart burner here.

So the wax tarts I have are pink sands, fluffy towels, Sicilian lemon, vanilla cupcake, sparkling lemon, salted caramel, honey & spice, cinnamon stick, spiced orange, summer scoop, pink dragon fruit, sweet strawberry, sun and sand, sparking cinnamon, home sweet home, black cherry, strawberry butter cream, sugared apple, fireside treats, clean cotton, paradise spice, wild passion fruit, vanilla lime, pineapple cilantro, bahama breeze and turquoise sky.

Strawberry ButtercreamFireside Treats

Lemon Lavender         Clean Cotton

Summer Scoop             Sugared Apple

Pink Dragon Fruit              Paradise Spice 

Home Sweet Home     Sicilian Lemon

Sweet Strawberry          Vanilla Cupcake

Mandarin Cranberry       Sparkling Lemon

Sparkling Lemon            Wild Passion Fruit

Salted Caramel              Pineapple Cilantro 

Honey & Spice    Vanilla Lime

Cinnamon Stick        Bahama Breeze

Spied Orange          Bahama Breeze

Black CherryTurquoise Sky

I store them all in some cardboard boxes that the ones from Amazon came in and I wrapped them in some floral wrapping paper which I got from WHSmith which I love as it's kind of cath kidston inspired, which was super easy to do and I'm sure there's a much better way to store them but I now can't afford anything else! :(

I don't have a favourite yet as I haven't tried enough of them and I was thinking about maybe including my favourite one of the moment in my monthly favourites? 

Thanks for reading let me know what you favourite scent is and if you love any that I haven't already got and I will sure check it out next time I get paid!


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