Friday, 13 June 2014

Film Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Last week me and my Dad went to the cinema and I had a choice of Mallificent or Edge of Tomorrow, so I watched the trailers and they both looked really good but I thought I'd pick the Edge of Tomorrow as it's a more sci-fi action film which is definitely not the normal film I'd go for, but I honestly really enjoyed it. One of the things that made me want to see it was that Tom Cruise was in it, I mean who doesn't like Tom Cruise?

The film is based in the near future and without giving the plot away Tom Cruise keeps relieving the same day every time he dies until he essentially saves the world. And that's a super brief description but if you want more detail I'd watch the trailer. In the film there is also a slight romance story going on which I really liked and it was kind of an extra story as a bit of a side line, showing the different relationships between the different characters. One thing I thought they did particularly well was keeping the watchers attention through out the two hour film and seen as he was replaying the same day over and over the producers managed to keep whoever was watching it completely hooked, as I quiet often get distracted through films and then get really confused after day dreaming for 5 minutes. The actors were all also incredible and even the characters with smaller parts were still really good, as I find sometimes in films they can focus so much on the main characters they forget about the actors with smaller parts. 

I would definitely recommending anyone going to see it even if your like me and don't like sci-fi action films cause it really is great. Let me know what you think about me doing film reviews as I'm not really sure if this was okay or not I kind of just wrote what came to mind! I am also going to see The Fault In Our Stars next week which I will definitely review if you would like me to as I'm am so excited about it!


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