Monday, 9 June 2014

My Top 10 Drugstore Products

I have been thinking about doing this post for a while and wanted to wait until I really did have 10 products from the drugstore that were my absolute favourites. I've got a variety of different products but most are make up, I guess that's just because I have more make up products than like hair or skincare products. These are in no particular order as these are pretty much all equal!

1) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer- (£4.19)
I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of this concealer and pretty much everyone loves it and I am definitely one of them! I love how it is such a thick consistency and has such a high coverage so is perfect for any blemishes. I don't tend to use this under my eyes unless I have very bad dark under eyes as I find its a bit too heavy for my eyes and prefer to use a lighter product as it can also go into any fine lines on your skin and sits in them.

2) Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (£4.99)
I discovered this after MissBudgetBeauty spoke about it on her blog and youtube and as soon as I heard her talk about it I thought it sounded perfect for me to use in the evening to take my makeup of and cleanse and it is. It's super thick and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean after using it, after reading reviews people say it smells like suncream, but I don't really find that and it's a very mild scent anyway. I used to use it on a wet face but now I use it on dry skin and then take it off with a hot flannel, how your supposed to!

3)Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (£3.99)
This is definatley the best powder I have ever tried from the drugstore and as I have oily skin I have definitely tried a fair few and none of them ever compare to this, even the one's which a from the higher end of the drugstore which cost around £10. I think the price is also excellent and some people say the packaging is cheap but I think its fine and I'd prefer the price stayed down and kept the same packaging.

4)Real Techniques Makeup Brushes (£5.99-£21.99 for sets)
The only makeup brushes I use at the moment are from real techniques as I just find they have everything I need and are at such great prices, they are also really easy to get hold of unlike the higher end brushes. I normally get mine from amazon as they are at a bit of a reduced price, but you can get them from most superdrug and boots. I am thinking about writing a post on my real techniques brush collection and go into detail about each brush I own. Naming these would take a while so I thought I would save that for another post, but hopefully you can tell feel free to ask me about any of them.

5)Barry M Nail Polishes (£2.99-£3.99)
Barry M nail polishes definatley take up a large amount of my nail polish collection and they have been in it ever since I was about 10, they are such a lovely product that are really easy to apply and don't chip too quickly after 2 coats. They also come in such a wide variety of colours and have recently been coming out with several new ones, like the gelly high shine and the metallic ones which are all also great. I won't name them all as it would take a while, but I will be doing a barry m nail polish collection soon hopefully too.

6)Batiste Dry Shampoo (£2.99-£4.99)
This is again another product I have been using for as long as I can remember and is now a staple product for me and I have probably tried every scent and find they have all worked really well in my hair. They also have a range for coloured hair which means you don't get the white powder you have to rub in, which is okay for me as I have blonde hair but I can see how if you have darker hair it may be annoying.

7)Rimmel Colour Rush Balms (£5.99)
This is the most recent product which I have found out of all 10 and I have been obsessed with these balms and wearing them almost everyday, I have only tried a few other 'chubby stick' copies but these stand out the most as they are a lot glossier and I prefer the colour range they have. I currently have drive me nude, keep mauving, on fire and make me blush. I find these a lot more wearable for everyday use instead of a full on lipstick. 

(L-R On Fire, Make Me Blush, Keep Mauving and Drive Me Nude)

8) Dove Gradual Tanner (£4.99)
This is a summer essential for me as its super easy to apply and gives your skin such as sun kissed look after just a couple of appliances, its also really easy to build up to the effect you want after just a couple of uses. It's also a lot more of a natural colour than other fake tans I have used as it doesn't streak and it fades a lot more naturally instead of just going patchy.

9) Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser (£3.59) 
I used to use this as my everyday moisturiser, but recently over the past year I have got into skincare more and have purchased moisturiser's that are more suited for my skin. However, this is great to use on any breakouts or spots as it really helps to reduce redness and help it begin to disappear. It's also suer cheap and lasts me forever. 

10) Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation (£6.99)
I was stuck between this and the wake me up foundation but I think this is more suited to my skin and is easier to wear everyday, where as, the wake me up for me I find is more of a summer foundation. I think this foundation is amazing as it has a medium coverage with a slightly dewy finish, it also smells really nice and is so easy to blend as its more fluid than the wake me up.

Thank you for reading this let me know what your favourite products from the drugstore are?


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