Monday, 7 July 2014

Beauty Review: Superdrug Witch Hazel Mud Mask

I was recently in superdrug and I spotted they had bought out a few more of there face masks in tubes, which I find so much better value than the packets as they last so long. I picked up this one for only £2.59 for 75ml instead of the packets 99p for 10ml! I bought this as I do tend to get a few blemishes, I don't have acne but I do often have a few spots which I am always trying out new products to try and reduce them.

This mask has witch hazel in which is meant to be really good for spots and it also contains salicylic acid which is also very good for targeting spots and blemishes. It also contains deep sea mud which deeply cleanses and reduces excess oil, so it really has everything perfect for a teenage girl with 'acne-prone' skin. Also, after watching Caroline Hirons video I found out clay is a very cheap ingredients so if you want a clay mask you don't have to spend much.

When I apply it depending on a, how much time I have and b, what my skin is like, depends whether I apply a thick or thin coat, when you first put it on it feels quiet cooling then on the areas where I have spots or blemishes it tingles slightly which I like as it makes me feel like it's actually doing something! Then I normally leave it on until its dry which can range from 15-30 minutes depending on how much I applies and rinse it off, still buffing it into my skin with a flannel. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth and super clean after wards which I love, it makes me feel like my skin has had a really deep cleanse.

I think it has actually helped to clear up some of my spots a lot quicker and does definatley get rid of any excess shine I may have after a long day at school. I also like how its in a tube packaging as its really easy to take on holiday and also is a lot more hygienic than a pot, if you clean the top after using it. I also like that superdrug is against animal testing and their products are paraben free.

I also have the cucumber peel off mask and the deep sea antioxidant mask, so if you would like me to review those as well just let me know. Thanks for reading and hope this was useful!


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  1. Just trying this mask for the first time and love it! ♥