Monday, 4 August 2014

Random July Favourites


1. The Only Way Is Essex
This is a bit of a guilt pleasure for me and the only reason I watch it is because I find it hilarious, all their 'dramas' but on a Sunday night I do enjoy watching it whilst getting ready for the week ahead and it is really easy to follow so you don't have to really be concentrating it while you watch it.


1. Walking on Sunshine
I have also recently done a review on this which you can read here, but I really enjoyed this musical as it was just such a feel good film and was full of songs from the 80s that I love. I also liked how the storyline was pretty simple so it was easy to watch and you could just sit back and enjoy it. 

I finally watched Frozen after hearing people go on and on about how amazing it is and seeing it sat on the side for weeks me and my family finally found time to watched it and I am so glad we did because it was fab and definatley worth the hype it had!


1.Paper Towns by John Green
I am a massive John Green fan as you may know and this book didn't fail to disappoint I really liked how this book was a bit different to the normal books I read which I think is why I enjoyed it so much. It also has a really good storyline which keeps you hooked in and makes you want to keep reading, which is what you need in a good book.


1.Walking On Sunshine Soundtrack-
As soon as I got back from the cinema I started listening to the soundtrack on Spotify and then decided to buy it on iTunes and I am so glad I did as I have been loving listening to this all the time especially when I'm getting ready, don't know why but it's really easy to sing along to.

2. Wanted On Voyage by George Ezra
After weirdly my Chemistry teacher saying how good George was I must admit I was slightly intrigued as to what he was like so I started listening to him and kind of got a bit addicted! Especially Budapest which is a big favourite of mine and also currently my ringtone.

3. Love Is An Open Door from Frozen
So when I watched frozen I don't know why but this song really stuck in my head and have now consequently bought it and have been doing a fair bit of listening to it! I just love how easy it is to sing along to and just a 'happy' song.


1. Summer Fruits-
As summer is now in full swing I have been loving all the summer fruits that have come into super markets,especially strawberries I don't know why but I've been loving strawberries at the moment especially the waitrose ones as they are so nice and sweet!


1. More Marcus-
Marcus has recently been daily vlogging since Vidcon and have really been enjoying watching what he's been getting up to especially as he is recently moving out so I've really been enjoying watching his process of moving out.

2. Pointless Blog TV-
Alfie has also started doing more vlogs and I just love Alfie I think he seems like one of the most genuine down to earth people ever and always puts so much effort into his videos and never wants to disappoint his subscribers.

Thanks for reading let me know what your random favourites are?


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