Sunday, 21 June 2015

Superdrug Haul

I always seem to run out of my basic skincare products all at once, so I made myself a list so I didn't go too crazy and managed to stick for it! I have also included a cheeky purchase of mine from feel unique at the end.

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black (£10.99)
At the time this was on offer, but unfortunately isn't at the moment, I used to wear this mascara a lot last year but then I think I must have found a new one and forgot about it, so the other day when I saw it I was reminded how much I used to love it. I like the fact how it is very lengthening something I like most in a mascara and if you work with it you can also get a lot of volume.

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Matte Foundation in 11 Vanilla (£7.99)
I had seen this foundation on a few blogs and loved the way it looked on the skin the reviews were also all really good, its also only £7.99 what a bargain! I think this foundation is perfect for anyone with oily skin, like me, as it just mattifies the skin and also means I need less powder.

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover (£0.98)
A bit of a boring purchase but an essential for me, as I am constantly panting my nails then getting bored and wanting to change to another colour. 

Dove Gradual Tan in Medium to Dark Skin (£2.59)
I picked this up as my current one is running out and as my prom is in a couple of weeks I want to have tanned arms which still look fairly natural, even though this is the darker shade I find it most effective on my fairly pale skin and has a nice colour, that's not orange, after a few days.

Clearasil Daily Gel Wash (£2.99)
I wanted a more gently wash to use in the morning and evening as I have been using a scrub recently, however I am going on holiday in a couple of weeks so I don't want something that will make my tan go patchy! This also aimed to prevent blocked pores which I struggle with.

Simple Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes (£1.59)
I know face wipes aren't the best for your skin, but I just find them really handy to have in if I get in late on day or am just feeling lazy, as its better than not taking your make up off at all.

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser (£2.09)
My current moisturiser is just about to run out and I always know with Simple that I will get a good product, so I thought I would try this out, it's also in a pretty big bottle so good value for money. I got the oil balancing one as my skin does get oily especially in the summer when its hot!

2True Wow Mascara (£2.99)
I picked this up as TalkBeckyTalk was saying on a recent video of hers how it was a dupe for Benefit They're Real, which I love and because it was so cheap I had to try it out. I've only used it once and I am already in love with it, its so lengthening and I love the brush for such a cheap product!

Superdrug Strawberry & Raspberry Antibacterial Hand Gel (£0.99)
My current hand sanitizer has just run out and I always like to have a bottle of this in my bag for when I'm using public transport or just feel like my hands need a wash.

Naked 3 Palette (£38)
My most exciting purchase I have been desperate for a naked palette for ages and I know I am very late on the band wagon, but I am still amazed at the quality and realise why they get so much hype. I went for the naked 3 as I love pinky toned eye shadows and for my prom I also need a more pink toned look! But I am just so excited to start using this regularly!

Thanks for reading if you want me to review any of these products let me know as I will be more than happy to!


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