Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bourjois: 10 Days Adora-bleu (06)

This nail polish is from the Bourjois 10 days range and are £5.99 each which I think is pretty good value and they have some really nice and unique colours in this range. I love this colour 'adora bleu', I think they may all be French names, but this colour is just a perfect pastel blue for summer, as I am a bit obsessed with wearing blue clothes at the moment, it matches perfectly with all my outfits! I really love the packaging of these with the lid being the same colour as the nail polish making it super easy to tell the colour! The brush is fairly small which makes it east to apply and doesn't get too messy as you have more control around the edges. As for it lasting 10 days I'm not sure if any nail polish will last 10 days but this does last longer than normal, probably a maximum of 6-7 days which is pretty good for a drugstore nail polish. It also doesn't chip very easily I did washing up with this on which normally causes my nails to chip completely but this didn't move at all!


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